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Recertification Process

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Recertification takes up to 90 days to process from the date the file is deemed complete; therefore, it is recommended that WBEs begin the process at least 90 days prior to their expiration date. Failure to recertify in a timely manner could result in your status becoming expired and loss of business opportunities.

The owner will receive an auto e-mail from wbenclink@cvmsolutions.com that contains the instructions for Recertification 120 days prior to the certificate expiration date. To ensure you receive auto e-mails, please add wbenclink@cvmsolutions.com to your company’s safe sender list:

Keeping WBENC certification current is the responsibility of the Company Owner. While WBENC will attempt to notify women business enterprises (WBEs) via auto e-mail notification, we can not guarantee receipt of the e-mail.  Therefore, we recommend that you mark your personal calendar to begin the recertification process no less than  90 days prior to your expiration date.

Steps for Recertification

  • Log into WBENCLink (www.wbenclink.org) with your company’s User ID and password and complete the Recertification Form. If the password is not known, please attempt to reset it using the female owner’s complete email address as the user name and then click the  “click here” link in the log in box directions.   Note:  If the system does not tell you that a new password has been sent, the wrong user name was used.  Please contact your Regional Partner Organization (RPO) for the correct user name and then repeat the process.

The screen will read Update Company Profile which is the normal page heading.  However, during recertification, you will  have access to all sections of your profile.  All required questions must be answered per tab before you will be allowed to save the page and move forward. For questions you are not able to update, please contact your assigned RPO as there are questions, such as Headquarters Address,  that only they are authorized to update.  Upon completion of the last tab, you will be asked if you wish to SUBMIT.  Please DO NOT SUBMIT until you are absolutely sure that the content is correct as NO CHANGES can be made after it has been submitted.  Once you click Submit, the application will lock  down and you will only have access to the General, Reference, Equipment and Real-Estate sections of your profile until your next recertification.

  • Once the WBENC WBE Application has been submitted, the system will prompt you regarding the Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification for the purpose of Federal Contracting.  This is a separate application from WBENC WBE certification and is optional.
  • Gather the required recertification documents that are listed in the Recertification e-mail.
    • Note: To ensure that your file is stamped complete when received, it is important to account for each document requested. Send a written statement advising which document(s) do not apply to your company and why.
  • Have the Company Owner sign and notarize the sworn affidavit.
  • Have the Company Owner sign the WBENCLink User Agreement 3.7 document.
  • Recertification fee made payable to your assigned RPO.
  • Mail your paperwork to the address listed in your e-mail using Certified mail, UPS or FedEx to your assigned Regional Partner Organization. NOTE: No documents should be mailed to WBENC.

When your Recertification packet has been received, the Company Owner and Contact listed in your company’s profile will receive an automated e-mail notification. Notifications will continue to be sent as the application is processed. These are courtesy e-mails. WBENC does not guarantee delivery of the automated e-mail notifications.  If you do not receive an email within 15 business days after your Regional Partner has received your packet,  please follow up with your assigned Regional Partner Organization to ensure that the documents are complete.

Questions about your Recertification or online profile information should be directed to your assigned Regional Partner Organization.


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